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TOR And Secure Browsing: Necessity And Efficiency

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 10:37 am
by aedanhall
TOR networks already feed its users with anonymity. But how? The main aspect that highlights anonymity is the use of routing. Onion networks route or relay the information that is passed through the network. At the cost of latency, these packets reach the destination through a series of hosts. These random nodes act as gateways or carriers thereby creating numerous signals. Thus only the nearest node to the exit node will be traceable. The main ideology behind development of dark web links was anonymity and cost efficiency. Tor was not meant to cause a lot of headache to its users. It still is one of the best browsing platforms out there. What made dark web links an eyebrow raiser was the fact that TOR can be used for almost any kinds of illegal activity. Even when tor provides ultra-security, foolish browsing can very well lead any one to jail.